OpenSRS API Guide: Domains and SSL

Welcome to the OpenSRS API guide. Here you will find comprehensive documentation regarding our domain and SSL services. We hope this guide will help you start working with OpenSRS as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact help@opensrs.com

Get Started
  • belongs_to_rsp — Determines whether domain belongs to the RSP who issued the command.

  • get (domain) — Queries various types of data associated with a domain.

  • get_domain_affiliate_id — Retrieves the affiliate id associated with a domain.

  • get_balance — Queries the requester's account, and returns the total amount of money in the account and the amount that is allocated to pending transactions.

  • get_cert — Returns the certificate for the specified Trust Service product as well as associated product information.

  • get_deleted_domains — Lists domains that have been deleted due to expiration or request.

  • get_domains_contacts — Queries contact information for a list of domains.

  • get_domains_by_expiredate —Queries domains expiring within a date range.

  • get_notes — Retrieves the domain notes that detail the history of the domain, for example, renewals and transfers.

  • get_order_info — Queries all information related to an order.

  • get_orders_by_domain — Retrieves information about orders placed for a specific domain.

  • get_price — Queries the price of a domain.

  • get_product_info — Queries the properties of the specified Trust Service product.

  • get_products — Returns a list of the Trust Service products whose expiry dates are within a specific date range.

  • get_registrant_verification_status — Returns the current state of the verification request.

  • lookup (domain) — Determines the availability of a domain.

  • name_suggest (domain) — Checks whether a name, word, is phrase is available for registration.

  • uk_get_blocker_contact — Checks whether the specified domain name is registered as a third level .UK domain (for example. .co.uk