OpenSRS API Guide: Domains and SSL

Welcome to the OpenSRS API guide. Here you will find comprehensive documentation regarding our domain and SSL services. We hope this guide will help you start working with OpenSRS as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact help@opensrs.com

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The OpenSRS Personal Names Service enables you to offer your customers web and email addresses based on our extensive portfolio of surnames. These names cannot be found anywhere else, and represent an estimated 60% of the last names of our North American resellers' customers. This service allows your customers to have a website address and an email address based on their last name without actually owning the name, for example, steve.smith.net. In addition, email addresses are available on a second-level basis (steve@smith.net).


As the personal name service domain names are owned by OpenSRS, outbound transfers to other registrars are not possible. The Personal Names Service cannot be tested on the Horizon testing server.

This section contains the following commands:

  • su_register—Submits a new registration order for an available Personal Names domain.

  • query(surname)—Queries the properties of the domain.

  • updatesurname—Changes properties of the Personal Names domain, for example, changes the forwarding email address or changes from a forwarding only account to an OpenSRS webmail address.

  • delete(surname)—Deletes the Personal Names domain.