Response Codes

CodeResponse text/Explanation
200Command Successful.
Authentication Successful.
Closing Connection.
Registration Successful.
Modification Successful.
Nameserver Update Successful.
Nameserver Added.
Nameserver Created.
Nameserver deleted.
No nameserver changes necessary.
Query Successful.
Registration successful.
210Domain available.
211Domain taken.
221Domain taken (a waiting registration exists in OpenSRS).
Note: This is used for asynchronous registries only.
250Action submitted successfully for processing to asynchronous registry.
300Exceeded max command rate. Request deferred (for async).


Registration is pending contact agreeing to share information per GDPR.
310Exceeded max simultaneous connections.
350Number of command per connection exceeded limit. Client must re-authenticate with server.
A maximum of 100 commands can be sent through one connection/session. After 100 commands have been submitted, the connection is closed and a new connection must be opened to submit outstanding requests.
400Internal server error.
Invalid Command: xxx.
Access denied: invalid IP address.
Invalid encryption method; try -des: ...
Unable to change nameserver hostname to $new_fqdn.
Unable to complete registration. Please retry.
Domain already renewed; another renewal cannot be applied until the first request completes at the registry.
404Internal Server Error.
405405 Registry error: domain's nameserver not updated.
Registry error, unable to add nameserver to domain.
Registry error, unable to remove nameserver.
Registry error, nameserver creation failed.
Nameserver deletion failed at registry.
Unable to modify nameserver record.
410Reseller authentication error.
415Registrant (end-user) authentication error.

Invalid Password supplied.
420Failed to create new registrant contact: Parameter value range error\r\nInvalid telephone number format.
430Invalid command.
435Permission denied, subuser permissions.
Permission Denied for Modify $type, f_owner=xxx #modify_contact_info.
Cannot remove domain owner.
Permission Denied: not owner.
Request failed validation: Name server 'nameserver.tld' is not found at the registry. Please double check the nameserver and re-submit.
436This error occurs when the RM does not know what to do with the response code returned by the RA after it talked with the registry. This error usually means that the RM needs to be fixed to understand the new response.
437Cannot process command because there is already another request waiting on this domain. (Used for asynchronous registries.)
440Registration Failed: over quota.

Please check for sufficient funds in the reseller account. Premium domains might have a high cost that exceeds the available balance in the reseller account.
445Nameserver quota exceeded.
447Sub-user limit exceeded.
460No Domain Supplied.
Modify type not specified.
Required field 'username' not provided.
Required field 'password' not provided.
Missing required field.
Missing required field: fqdn.
Missing required field: ip.
Info type not specified.
Required field 'reg_username' not provided.
Required field 'reg_password' not provided.
465Registration Failed: Invalid data, error=
Registration Failed, error=
Unknown Modify type: xxx
Invalid data, error=#modify_contact_info.
Subuser cannot be the same as the owner.
Invalid syntax for subuser name.
Password exceeded maximum length: 20 characters.
Invalid domain name syntax.
Invalid syntax for registrant username.
Password length below minimum: 3 characters.
Invalid nameserver syntax (common_rule for nameserver).
Invalid syntax for nameserver (2nd level domain).
Invalid new nameserver hostname.
Invalid domain name syntax.
Duplicate nameserver detected for xxx.
Duplicate sortorder detected for xxx.
Invalid IP address: $ip.
Unknown Info type: $type.
Invalid syntax for username.
Invalid registration type: $reg_type.
Domain does not belong to Registrar.
480Domain xxx not owned by user.
Renewals not supported for this TLD. Response text =
'capability is not enabled for'.
Subuser not found.
Subuser xxx not found.
Sub-User not found.
User profile for xxx/xxx not found.
Profile based on xxx not found.
Command failed: unable to verify existence of nameserver xxx.
Nameserver doesn't exist.
Unable to locate nameserver in local database.
Unable to find domain in registry.
Nameserver $fqdn not currently mapped to domain.
Nameserver not found.
Non-existent nameserver #(in registry).
470Invalid format of owner contact.
Contact type is not supported by TLD.
Contact can not be updated together with other contact types.
485Domain taken.
Nameserver already mapped to domain.
Nameserver $fqdn already exists (as result of request in DB or RRP).
Nameserver in use.
New nameserver hostname already in registry.
486Entity already exists in a processing state (usually a domain registration) Trying again in a few seconds to a minute should resolve the issue (i.e. show it truly taken or available).
487Domain not transferable.
541Domain's current expiration year in registry doesn't match the year provided by user.
552Domain is less than 60 days old.
This can occur if:
Domain is not yet 60 days old.
Existing registrar has the name locked for either Nonpayment or at the end users request - requesting Party needs to contact existing registrar to resolve.
Domain name is in dispute.
The name has been deleted.
555Domain has already been successfully renewed, with the current expiration year matching the year provided by the user.
557Nameserver locked.
An attempt has been made to modify or delete a name server that is hosting a TLD in the root zone. Modifications to the root zone can only be made with the approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce and IANA, so if the registrar absolutely needs to modify or delete such a name server; the action needs to be coordinated through the registry operator using an out-of-band communications channel. (Extracted from the RRP spec).
599Failed to create contact for this TLD. Parameter value range error\r\nInvalid telephone number format.
702700 series indicates communication error with registry/vendor. 702 is a catch-all for errors related to communication issues.
703Could not send command.
704Read empty message on the socket.
705Timed out, resubmit request.
Client timed out waiting for the RA to respond.
unnumberedDomain: sampledomainname Registration attempt failed: Timeout reading client request. Client must re-authenticate with server.
A connection with the OpenSRS server remains open for no more than 60 seconds. If the authentication and sending of a registration request do not complete within 60 seconds, the connection is closed and a new connection must be opened.

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