Domain Event: zone_check_status_change

Applicable only for .de and .fr domains, this event notification will be generated when the DNS/ZONE check has passed or failed at the registry. If the DNS/ZONE check remains invalid for an extended period, there is a risk that the domain will be disabled by the registry.

Response Parameters for zone_check_status_change (domain)

If the request is successful, the attributes associative array may include the

Parameter nameObligationDefinition/Value
zone_check_statusAlways returnedThe updated result or status of the DNS/zone check.

Possible values include:

* valid invalid

Example Response for (zone_check_status_change)

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE OPS_envelope SYSTEM "ops.dtd">
                <item key="protocol">XCP</item>
                <item key="object">EVENT</item>
                <item key="response_code">200</item>
                <item key="is_success">1</item>
                <item key="response_text">Command successful</item>
                <item key="transaction_id">2014-06-19 13:32:48 8716 101</item>
                <item key="action">REPLY</item>
                <item key="attributes">
                        <item key="events">
                                <item key="0">
                                        <item key="object_data">
                                                <item key="domain_name"></item>
                                                <item key="domain_id">307255</item>
                                                <item key="zone_check_status">invalid</item>
                                        <item key="object">DOMAIN</item>
                                        <item key="event_id">bf7b2cf6d8e835324241a4eae7be4ee5</item>
                                        <item key="event">ZONE_CHECK_STATUS_CHANGE</item>
                                        <item key="event_date">2014-06-19T17:31:51Z</item>
                        <item key="total">1</item>