Event Notifications Overview

To receive event notifications about a specific transaction or event, the event notification feature must first be enabled for that transaction in the Reseller Control Panel. This can be accomplished from Account Settings > Event notifications.

Simply enable the poll feature under Global Settings and check off any relevant transaction from the Individual Notifications Settings list.

In this section, you will find:

Standard event notification parameters - Lists the standard parameters that apply to every event

Standard parameters domain event notifications

Standard parameters for order event notifications

Standard parameters for transfer event notifications

Standard parameters for trust order event notifications

Created (domain)

Registered (domain)

Renewed (domain)

Expired (domain)

Deleted (domain)

Nameserver_update (domain)

Registrant_verification_status_change (domain)

Zone_check_satus_change (domain)

Message_status_change (domain)


Status_change (order)

Message_status_change (order)

Status_change (transfer)

Message_status_change (transfer)

Message_status_change (trust_order)