Lookup Commands

BELONGS_TO_RSPDOMAINDetermines whether domain belongs to the RSP who issued the command.
GETDOMAINQueries various types of data associated with a domain.
GET_BALANCEDOMAINQueries the requester's account, and returns the total amount of money in the account and the amount that is allocated to pending transactions.
GET_CONTRACTDOMAINRetrieves the text of the reseller agreement known as Exhibit A.
GET_DELETED_DOMAINSDOMAINLists domains that have been deleted due to expiration or request.
GET_DOMAIN_AFFILIATE_IDDOMAINRetrieves the affiliate id associated with a domain.
GET_DOMAINS_BY_EXPIREDATEDOMAINQueries domains expiring within a date range.
GET_DOMAINS_CONTACTSDOMAINQueries contact information for a list of domains.
GET_NOTESDOMAINRetrieves the domain notes that detail the history of the domain, for example, renewals and transfers.
GET_ORDER_INFODOMAINQueries all information related to an order.
GET_ORDERS_BY_DOMAINDOMAINRetrieves information about orders placed for a specific domain.
GET_PRICEDOMAINQueries the price of a domain.
GET_REGISTRANT_VERIFICATION_STATUSDOMAINReturns the current state of the verification request.
LOOKUPDOMAINDetermines the availability of a domain.
NAME_SUGGESTDOMAINChecks whether a name, word, is phrase is available for registration.
UK_GET_BLOCKER_CONTACTDOMAINChecks whether the specified domain name is registered as a third level .UK domain.