Order Event: status_change

This event notification when the status of an order is updated.

Response Parameters for status_change (order)

If the request is successful, the attributes associative array may include the

Parameter nameObligationDefinition/Value
order_reg_typeAlways returned.The updated status of the order.

Possible values include:

* landrush new premium renewal sunrise transfer whois_privacy
order_statusAlways returned.The status or the order.

Possible values include:

Processed - Applies to trades and transfers and means we are waiting on an owner or registry to take action.

Completed - All required actions have taken place and the order is successfully completed.

Pending - An order that has been explicitly saved by the reseller, or has failed validation and has been automatically saved. General Availability pre-orders are also 'saved' in pending before they are automatically processed. Please note that all domain orders start in a pending state regardless of whether they were saved.

Waiting - Order is asynchronous and is in progress. A couple of examples where this would happen would be due to a waiting async GDPR consent request, or an asynchronous response received from the registry.

Pending_fax - is no longer in use. The system will generally not automatically clear out pending orders. There are a couple of scenarios where it will though:
If an order for a domain is submitted any orders saved in pending for the same domain will be canceled.
In the RWI there is the option to cancel pending/declined orders created more than X days ago. This is also available via API via cancel_pending_orders call.)

Declined - Order was canceled after being submitted. Some examples would be a registrant not accepting a claim notice, async GDPR notice, or transfer notice.

Canceled - Order has been canceled by reseller via API or RWI. Pending/Declined order canceled by the system due to a duplicate order/taken domain.

Example Response for status_change

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE OPS_envelope SYSTEM "ops.dtd">
                <item key="protocol">XCP</item>
                <item key="object">EVENT</item>
                <item key="response_code">200</item>
                <item key="is_success">1</item>
                <item key="response_text">Command successful</item>
                <item key="transaction_id">2014-06-19 11:31:49 27660 101</item>
                <item key="action">REPLY</item>
                <item key="attributes">
                        <item key="events">
                                <item key="0">
                                        <item key="object_data">
                                                <item key="domain_name">tucows-13e97b6ef1b1c.com</item>
                                                <item key="order_status">pending</item>
                                                <item key="order_reg_type">new</item>
                                                <item key="order_id">701980</item>
                                        <item key="object">ORDER</item>
                                        <item key="event_id">39232348265486a2ac352d349cd88a3f</item>
                                        <item key="event">STATUS_CHANGE</item>
                                        <item key="event_date">2014-06-19T15:31:47Z</item>
                        <item key="total">6</item>