The ICANN trade API commands allow you to manage all aspects of the ICANN domain trade policy.

This section contains the following commands:

  • modify_trade_lock_setting — Allows to disable or re-enable the usually mandatory 60-day inter-registrar transfer lock that is placed on all domains after a successful trade. If enabled, the transfer lock will prevent the transfer of the domain to another registrar. It will not prevent another change of registrant.

  • modify_trade_designated_agent — Grants or revokes permission for TUCOWS to act as the designated agent for the specified domain. "Enabled" is the default status. If this feature is disabled, the current registrant will be required to approve, via email, any contact changes that affect the first name, last name, organization name, or email address.

  • enable_designated_agent — Grants permission for Tucows to act as the Designated Agent on behalf of a New Registrant. This setting needs to be submitted prior to the actual Change of Registrant request. If enabled, the New Registrant (by its combination of firstname, lastname, organization and email) will be flagged as having accepted Tucows as their Designated Agent, so that Tucows will accept subsequent Change of Registrant requests without requesting further confirmation from the New Registrant.

  • get_trade_lock_setting — Queries the current state of the 60 day transfer lock setting for the specified domain, and whether or not it can be modified at this time. You can modify this setting as long as the 60 day transfer lock is not currently in progress.

  • get_trade_designated_agent — Queries the current state (enabled or disabled) of the designated agent setting for the specified domain.

  • cancel_icann_trade — Cancels a pending domain trade.

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