Queries all the information on an order ID.

Request parameters

Standard request parameters

  • action = get_order_info
  • object = trust_service

Request attributes

Parameters within the attributes associative array are described below:

order_idRequiredThe ID of the order to query.

Response parameters

Standard response parameters

  • action = reply
  • object = trust_service
  • is_success = Boolean indicating success or failure of the request.
  • response_code = Response code indicating outcome of the request.
  • response_text = Message describing the outcome of the request.

Response attributes

If the request is successful, the attributes associative array may include the following:

approver_emailAlways returned for domain vetted certificatesThe email address used to approve the SSL Service order.
contact_emailAlways returned
contact_setAlways returned
csrAlways returned
domainAlways returnedThe domain name for which the SSL certificate was purchased.
notes_listAlways returned
order_idAlways returnedThe ID of the SSL Service order.
periodAlways returned
priceAlways returnedThe price charged for the SSL Service.
product_idAlways returned if the order is completed.The ID number of the SSL Service product.
product_typeAlways returnedThe product type from the SSL Certificate inventory.
reg_typeAlways returnedType of order.

Allowed values are:

server_typeAlways returnedThe type of server software used to generate the CSR.
special_instructionsAlways returnedUser defined instructions regarding the SSL Service certificate purchase.
stateAlways returnedThe state of the order.
supplier_order_idAlways returnedThe ID number for the SSL vendor.